Jun Wang


Class: Monk
Weapons: Martial Arts, Staff, Dagger

Appearance: Bald headed with tattoos on the right arm and face done as rewards for completing trials in the temple.


Jun Wang was born within the Temple of Okunichi Star. This temple is where Jun grew up with his father and mother in which his father was a monk for the temple as for his mother was a gardener who tended to the flowers and fields. Jun began training to become a monk at the age of 12, as till up to when he was 19. Jun went through the trials which consisted of 3 events he must pass in order to join the temple. After completing the the trials, Jun became a monk for the temple for several years before being exhiled due to his stubborn behavior and disobeying the temples rules. Once this monk was placed on his own at the age of 27, Jun began traveling from village to village helping those in need of work and also to explore the different cultures of the world.

Jun Wang

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