Jimmy Neutron

Half-Elf Sourcerer


250 Ib
27 years old
Blue eyes
Light brown hair


At the young age of 6 Jimmy lost his mother to the great war. His father, a drunk, hated him and threw him to the streets right after his mothers death. Jimmy spent the next 5 years wondering the lands untill one day he was stopped by a courier. He received a note with nothing but the words you have great powers inside of you. Jimmy then went back to his childhood home where he found an old family heirloom with a very peculiar emblem. He then ventured out to find what the emblem meant while along the way finding out that he could use magic. Three years after he sought out to find the meaning of the emblem he stumbled across the small village of oakridge. It was there he found a building that the entry way had the same emblem of that of the heirloom. He stuck the heirloom in the door and heard a lock pop open and out swung the door. Inside the building he found multiple books on his grandfather, of whom he remembering his mother mentioning. He learned from the books that his grandfather was a great sourcerer who made a deal with a great wise animal to take on the powers of the elements. However his grandfather died before the transformation of power was complete giving the right of elements to the next born male in the bloodline.

Jimmy Neutron

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