The Kings Court

A New Beginning
First Group

While Hiding in the of town of Oakridge “Bakaroth” the Ex-Thief looking for work headed for the area’s renown tavern The Boars Hat. As “Bakaroth” enter the tavern he notice at the bar was the bar tender Randal and a burly looking Half-orc Shi Thead. “Bakaroth” learned that a farmer named Benedict was looking for a group of skilled hunters to hunt down a pack of wolves that have been killing his flock of sheep. Randal informed the thief that Shi Thead was looking for work and he may know a few people that could help him with the Wolf hunt Dorian the Grey the fighter, Jun Wang the monk, and Jimmy Neutron the sorcerer. After the party was gathered they headed to the farm of the contract owner. At the farm the party learned that four wolfs have come in to the farm through The Great Forest at night and killing his sheep. “Bakaroth” uses he skills as a rouge to locate the traps that were placed by the farmer and find a path back to the wolfs den though a clearing in the woods. In the clearing that led to the Wolf den the Party faced two large wolfs. Due to the tactics put in to play by Shi Thead they we able to easily defeat the two wolfs recover fur and meat for later use. After searching the den Dorian the Grey and Jun Wang found two ring in a pile of bones. after the group had found every of value they headed back to the clearing. Upon entering the clearing the group was set upon two more wolfs and a white werewolf. the Werewolf attacked “Bakaroth” sending him flying into a tree. The rest of the party set upon the werewolf rending flesh and burning him with fire till “Bakaroth” fired a bolt which struck the beast in the head dropping him dead. after some in fighting as Shi Thead wanted to eat the werewolf the group to take the human remains of the werewolf to the farmer to inform him of the danger and try to get more pay. the Farmer upon learning that it was in fact a werewolf that attacked his farm the Benedict quickly grabbed his son and headed for Randal after some resistance form the party as they had not been payed yet. the group quickly followed he to The Boars Hat. Randal informed the group that the werewolf had bitten the child and he required healing. The group collected their earnings and retired for the night staying at The Boars Hat. The morning Jun Wang and Shi Thead went to the village trading center where Jun Wang sold his ring to the Stone Trading Company. the rest of the party went to the Abandon Mansion that now belonged to Jimmy Neutron. as the party entered the mansion they came across seven doors some band new some old and broken. upon entering the last unbroken door. Jimmy Neutron placed his Medalion in a font located in the middle of the room that trigger a portal in another part of the house. After re-entering the room the stone archway was glowing a portal. The group enter the portal. in the portal the Party encountered a power foe. the foe told them that Jimmy Neutron owed a debt then attacked Jimmy Neutron nearly killing him. After a long battle the group destroyed the specter…….


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