Dorian the Grey

Half Orc Fighter


Dorian’s a 24 year old Half Orc, He’s 6’ 5’’, 271 lbs of pure muscle. His skin is grey, eyes are silver, black hair styled into a 7’’ dreaded mohawk laid over to one side, the only facial hair he has is a soul patch.

Dorian is dressed in dark studded leather pants and a black belt, his belt holds his scimitar, over all of this he wears a hooded leather cloak.


`Dorian was born to a human woman named Rebecca who had been impregnated by Azog, a pale orc. Rebecca lived in a rather racist community, to avoid any violence in his direction she gave birth to Dorian in secrecy.
When Dorian was only 3 years of age he wandered outside and was spotted by a neighbor. Rebecca hurriedly took him into The Great Forest and abandoned him near a campsite. The camp was inhabited by a Halfling herbalist named Stella and her husband a human ex-pit-fighter named Johan. They heard the cries of the abandoned child and took Dorian in. As he grew up Stella trained Dorian in herbalism, while Johan told him how to protect himself.
One day after Dorian had gotten older, he and Johan went to one of the local villages to get supplies. While in the village Dorian noticed one of the merchants, also a half orc. He thought about that all the day on the way back home. Over dinner Dorian asked Johan and Stella about his real parents, they didn’t know his father but had a description of his mother and could only assume that she lived at Bear Winery. The next morning Dorian gathered his pack and cloak, telling the only parents he ever knew that he had to find his real mother, he had to know who he was. They understood but before he could leave Johan stopped him and said, “Dorian, we can not have children of our own. You were the child we could never have. So i want you to have this, it belonged to my father.” Johan then handed Dorian the scimitar and said, “Be careful son”
Dorian set out reaching the vineyard by nightfall, to conceal his self he drew his hood and made sure his blade was covered. He set out through the community to find anyone matching the description he was given. He eventually spotted a woman close to the description only older. he followed her home and after she entered he knocked, as she answered the door Dorian asked, “Did you abandon a child in ”/wikis/the-great-forest" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Great Forest many years ago?" “Dorian!?!” she replied. he pulled down his hood as he entered. They spent the rest of the evening catching up and reconnecting.
The following morning after learning the community had became more accepting he goes to get a job with her at Bear Winery. After a few days of working there another worker fell into a vat of wine drowning and being half orc everyone blamed Dorian, so he grabbed his cloak and scimitar and fled towards Oakridge.
Upon reaching Oakridge He wondered the village until finding The Boars Hat where he then entered looking for a stiff drink and possibly some work.

Dorian the Grey

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