Half Elf Rogue Sniper


5’11", 175lb, 150 Yrs Old from the village of Blackwall. LIght Skin, Dark Brown Hair, and Silver Eyes. Tribal Tattoo covering most of face. Dark Leather armor with hood covering most of head. Armed with his light crossbow and a Kama he “salvaged” from a successful “job.”


Born in the village of Blackwall, “Bakaroth” was orphaned as a teenager when his parents was killed due to having a mixed child. “Bakaroth” took employment as a theft for the Blackwall Crime Syndicate. While with the syndicate, “Bakaroth” learned to use the crossbow with deadly accuracy, art of sleight of hand, and haggling good price for his stolen wares. “Bakaroth” left Blackwall after a job gone bad and was being hunted by his previous employer. “Bakaroth” ended up in Oakridge under the alias of Bakaroth attempting to find new work with his skill set.


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